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Dota Tournament 2nd Runner up @Cosplay ,Sitiawan

>> Monday, December 21, 2009

Wakakaa ,yesterday i been to Cosplay Cyber Cafe (named Nexxon actually) and there are crowded already(mostly PrOs there),what i felt was "okay ,just for fun" .Yesterday what we're having plenty of lucks that bring us to the 3rd stage (4强) ,and our opponent is Cosplay team (ah wen,ah cheng ,hongmao) ,their standard was too far abit for us ,and their chosen heroes was IMBA !!Enigma ,Viper (damn) ,Vs .Okay at last we surrender and we gave up for champion &first runner up ,that was abit quite hard for us ,all we got is Jeremy team ,we compete to get 3rd place ,and we've made an agreement ,the money will give out to 6 peoples ,and the minutes &Original Warcraft CD will be our bet.Haha ,amazingly we won it and get the prize and there is some picture that i will get from Sohfaye (the madam of the CC).This is the third tournament i've joined ,this time were quite fun comparing with last time ^^ ,a good experience = ] ,below is the picture of the winner.

Champion,First runner up and Second runner up

 Prize of third place ,Warcraft Battle chest ,1000 minutes for everyone ,RM 90 (boss is stingy) ,anyway better than nothing : 3


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