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A picture worth thousand words ,nice arse : 3

>> Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Britney Spear : 3
My eyes in on it : 3

They doing something there :hehe:

I wish i can lend a hand there : 3

This photographer like to zoom on their a** lol 

Pretty white huh

Oh there ,i think i could see the t*ts

Warning ,you may not want to see this

I vomit lol

What a fit arse there : 3

Shyt !
Okay ,hope you enjoy watching ,i might want to rate this content as 18SX LOL


Merry Christmas Everyone

>> Friday, December 25, 2009

I still recalled last year Christmas ,we celebrate at Genting ,we were have a lot of fun there : 3 ,experiencing cool air ,everyone is wearing santa hair ,many hot chicks and young ladies there : 3 .Today is the day jesus came into the world and help all of the sinner (we're sinner) ,and we should be grateful towards our god ,families and friends.

Talking about christmas ,i went Teluk (in case you don't know where is it ,it is at Perak Lumut )Teluk Batik ,BBQ ,games and christmas gift for almost 3 hours (indeed it was a little bit boring ,but it's memorable : 3

Okay talking about Merry Christmas /Merry X'mas ,Many peoples not aware it ,
“Xmas” is not originally an attempt to exclude Christ from Christmas, but uses an abbreviation of the Greek spelling of the word “Christ” with the “X” representing the Greek letter chi. However, so few people know this that it is probably better not to use this popular abbreviation in religious contexts.

 Euu ,cute doggie couple there celebrating Christmas .Ehehe, probably you want to dress your pets with christmas hat and clothes : 3 ,i like it so much ! I'm a dog lover ,yea
If you want to see more ,kindly surf this ->GoldCoast gallery :3


Dota Tournament 2nd Runner up @Cosplay ,Sitiawan

>> Monday, December 21, 2009

Wakakaa ,yesterday i been to Cosplay Cyber Cafe (named Nexxon actually) and there are crowded already(mostly PrOs there),what i felt was "okay ,just for fun" .Yesterday what we're having plenty of lucks that bring us to the 3rd stage (4强) ,and our opponent is Cosplay team (ah wen,ah cheng ,hongmao) ,their standard was too far abit for us ,and their chosen heroes was IMBA !!Enigma ,Viper (damn) ,Vs .Okay at last we surrender and we gave up for champion &first runner up ,that was abit quite hard for us ,all we got is Jeremy team ,we compete to get 3rd place ,and we've made an agreement ,the money will give out to 6 peoples ,and the minutes &Original Warcraft CD will be our bet.Haha ,amazingly we won it and get the prize and there is some picture that i will get from Sohfaye (the madam of the CC).This is the third tournament i've joined ,this time were quite fun comparing with last time ^^ ,a good experience = ] ,below is the picture of the winner.

Champion,First runner up and Second runner up

 Prize of third place ,Warcraft Battle chest ,1000 minutes for everyone ,RM 90 (boss is stingy) ,anyway better than nothing : 3


Another day figure out blogging at home

>> Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yo dawg,today i was planning to go back my hometown and happily after that ,i was a little bit nervous due to staying at here for a long time .I should be back on today but unfortunately ,my aunt told me that she would unable to fetch me home and my der onkel are filled up with works ,i was like "that's okay".On yesterday night,i recalled someone told us that Starbucks have a free beverage from 11:00 to 12:00 ,okay that's good ,i'm gonna went there and try out the coffee .I guess probably a small cup espresso ,it's just okay for me because it doesn't costs me a single cent.I guess i was too realistic :lol:

Going Green Campaign ?That's great ,learn to conserve the energy like switching off the light ,fans ,aircond and water etc.World resources are getting lesser and lesser ,and Petroleum will be gone in 30-50 years (just an assessment from Oil & Gold Company ).
The picture shown above were a collection which contains 5 pieces of bookmark that combine into one ,it is very meaningful for those who like collection as well as people who haven't start collecting anything...Basically ,the collection places were in five location based at Bandar Sunway.Namely
1.Station 1 cafe (side entramce)
2.Station 1 cafe as well (front entrance)
3.Zhia's Kitchen (beside Kim gary Hong Kong Restaurent)
4.Chola Spice (a indian culinary restaurent)
5.Home Chef Recipe (beside of Sayang cafe )
all of this cafe were near ,you just have to walk about 100 meters to reach the location ,very easy ,keep it up .The One Academy Batch 71.



Huraii ,i decided to write myself a bl0g ,it could be part of motivationn :3

Hi everybody ,welcome to my blog ,wondering why am i writing a blog ?Okay this question should revert back to yourself .Hilarious ,hilarious !!Uncle ,what're you doing huh ?Is that a crime too ?haha

multiple facepalm !


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