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>> Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yo dawg,today i was planning to go back my hometown and happily after that ,i was a little bit nervous due to staying at here for a long time .I should be back on today but unfortunately ,my aunt told me that she would unable to fetch me home and my der onkel are filled up with works ,i was like "that's okay".On yesterday night,i recalled someone told us that Starbucks have a free beverage from 11:00 to 12:00 ,okay that's good ,i'm gonna went there and try out the coffee .I guess probably a small cup espresso ,it's just okay for me because it doesn't costs me a single cent.I guess i was too realistic :lol:

Going Green Campaign ?That's great ,learn to conserve the energy like switching off the light ,fans ,aircond and water etc.World resources are getting lesser and lesser ,and Petroleum will be gone in 30-50 years (just an assessment from Oil & Gold Company ).
The picture shown above were a collection which contains 5 pieces of bookmark that combine into one ,it is very meaningful for those who like collection as well as people who haven't start collecting anything...Basically ,the collection places were in five location based at Bandar Sunway.Namely
1.Station 1 cafe (side entramce)
2.Station 1 cafe as well (front entrance)
3.Zhia's Kitchen (beside Kim gary Hong Kong Restaurent)
4.Chola Spice (a indian culinary restaurent)
5.Home Chef Recipe (beside of Sayang cafe )
all of this cafe were near ,you just have to walk about 100 meters to reach the location ,very easy ,keep it up .The One Academy Batch 71.



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