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Merry Christmas Everyone

>> Friday, December 25, 2009

I still recalled last year Christmas ,we celebrate at Genting ,we were have a lot of fun there : 3 ,experiencing cool air ,everyone is wearing santa hair ,many hot chicks and young ladies there : 3 .Today is the day jesus came into the world and help all of the sinner (we're sinner) ,and we should be grateful towards our god ,families and friends.

Talking about christmas ,i went Teluk (in case you don't know where is it ,it is at Perak Lumut )Teluk Batik ,BBQ ,games and christmas gift for almost 3 hours (indeed it was a little bit boring ,but it's memorable : 3

Okay talking about Merry Christmas /Merry X'mas ,Many peoples not aware it ,
“Xmas” is not originally an attempt to exclude Christ from Christmas, but uses an abbreviation of the Greek spelling of the word “Christ” with the “X” representing the Greek letter chi. However, so few people know this that it is probably better not to use this popular abbreviation in religious contexts.

 Euu ,cute doggie couple there celebrating Christmas .Ehehe, probably you want to dress your pets with christmas hat and clothes : 3 ,i like it so much ! I'm a dog lover ,yea
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