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>> Monday, January 18, 2010

What to do with stuff that you don't need ?You probably wondering about the stuffs at your house that you've no use for quite a long time or the stuff didn't bring the pleasure for you and you want to ditch it off.Okay ,there is so many peoples selling online locally because you doesn't need any capital to open a shop / rent a space as there is some place for you to post your [WTS]Want To Sell Items like Selling BrandNew stuffs / Secondhand .LYN.GS ,this is the best ever site for me to sell stuffs and things to mind you ,secondhand doesn't means second best :)

Well ,actually i have something to sell there because the thing is not in use and i felt it is a waste ,that is

Warcraft Battle Chest (Brand New)
Price : $40 ,after currency conversion is RM130 ++ but now it's negotiable which means you can lower the price as lower as possible (not too low la)
Reason why i'm selling it ,because i won it at dOtA tournament ,i'm PrO dota mAn

Review of the product --> Warcraft Battle Chest lll

How to deal ?COD in Sunway / Postage with PosLaju

Contact me : post on the cbox --> and i will check on it ,make sure you leave your phone number and email address 

Lastly ,thanks for the viewing , It's Brand New product !Limited stock !


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